Catering Management Platform

Private Flight’s Catering Management Platform delivers the world's foremost catering procurement and logistical support for government, charter and managed aircraft operators.

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Global Capability

Your choice of over 1600 quality caterers, hotels and restaurants in over 170 countries around the world.

  • Fair and transparent business practices treating providers as partners.
  • Pursuit of quality through assessment of service and ongoing operator focussed service level agreements.
  • Ability to add your existing providers to the system so all are in one place.
  • Constantly expanding network of providers that matches the growth in your destination network.
  • Adhoc ordering capability.
  • Continuous service improvement through service monitoring and feedback.


Cost Control Tools

The Catering Management Platform that uses technology to help you take control of your costs.

  • Precise monitoring of purchasing trends and costs by trip, aircraft, flight, supplier and team members.
  • Meaningful reporting tools so you are informed and knowledgeable about catering costs.
  • Reduction in the your comparable annual catering expenditure through proactive management and an understanding of your ordering patterns.

Consistency of Service

Ensuring that services delivered are predictable, complete and consistent across customers, aircrafts, locations and the individuals who present it.

  • Perfectly detailed orders completed by any member of your team.
  • On-line customisable ordering and logistics management tool with robust technical capabilities.
  • Shift from manual processes to web-based approach which enhances communication and reduces the chance of errors.
  • Best practise processes to manage the complexity of delivering quality catering globally.
  • Structured menus integrated directly into the system giving menu flexibility but within guidelines to control costs.
  • Proposed menus from each provider based on your own predetermined menu structures.

Knowledge and Experience

Private Flight has created the world's first web-based catering eco-system using knowledge from inside and outside the industry.

  • Significant customer base representing all types of private aircraft owners and fleet operators.
  • Experience from the industry and associated industries, such as 5-star hospitality, hotel, private estate and yacht services, for the specific benefit of private aviation.

Proactive Support for your Team

We are here to support you so that you can deliver on your service promise to your own customers.

  • 24/7 operational support for catering orders in multiple languages.*
  • Ongoing reporting and Information through the ordering and delivery process.*
  • Sharing with you team our catering knowledge and experience gained from tens of thousands of every possible type of catering order.
  • Organisational support and training for a smooth transition.
    (* levels are dependant on plan selected)