Pricing & Plans

Whether you are an individual flight attendant or a large fleet operator, our Catering Management platform has a plan that is right for you.

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2% of order total Contact


5% of order total Contact


10% of order total Contact


15% of order total Contact

Catering Order functionality

Standard Online ordering functionality
Offline capability (via iPad app)
Credit Card payment
Administrator Order visibility across multiple Users
Order on behalf of another User – customised User permissions
Email settings customisation
Order visibility across multiple branches

Reporting and cost control

Basic reporting suite
Real time currency conversion
Post flight feedback report
Grocery item reporting
Annual report
Executive reporting suite
Multiple branch Reporting capability

Global Capability – Provider Network

Access to Network Providers and priced menus
Set ‘preferred Providers’ in specific locations
Ad–hoc ordering capability *
Trip specific Provider procurement

Consistency of Service

Proposed Menus based on standard service template
User specific favourites and order templates 20 100 Unlimited
Company wide favourites and order templates 20 100 Unlimited
Proposed menus based on company specific service template
Menu development
Company specific service structure and budgeting

Administration and Finance

Number of users 2-5 6-15 Unlimited
Manage aircraft details
View closed orders
Provider invoice auditing
Manager users (access levels)
Manage users (Order permissions)
Budgeting & menu development


Order closing
Online training modules
24/7 Order monitoring (submit – confirmed)
Company branded system view
24/7 Order Monitoring and support (draft – delivery)
Private Flight order placement on behalf of user
Key account management
Onsite training


Credit card payment at time of ordering
Fortnightly credit card option **
Invoice consolidation and 20 – 50 days payment credit terms **

* Only available when payment terms apply.
** All credit facilities are subject to Private Flight’s current assessment criteria and standard terms and conditions.