Flight Management Platform (BizFlight)

Private Flight’s Flight Management Platform delivers comprehensive fleet management software tools for government, charter and managed aircraft operators.

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Workflow Efficiency

Stay on top of the operational tasks with the platform’s ease of use and built-in workflow management tools.

  • Easily create, view and manage trips.
  • Retain critical information on your passengers.
  • Workflow management tools include timeline, checklists, to-do alerts and ‘user rights’ control.
  • Shift handover tools help to eliminate errors that affect service to your passengers.
  • Comprehensive database of airports and ground services.

Management Oversight

Make informed decisions based on a detailed overview of the key information affecting the core of the business.

  • On demand reports allow for KPI analysis, planning and decision making.
  • Customise financial reports based on aircraft or customer.
  • Structured operations and service related documents.
  • Stay up to date with your crew status and plan your resource requirements.

Crew Planning

Comprehensive management of your crew’s licenses and trainings, easy rostering and duty control.

  • Coordinate your crew’s flight, duty, rest periods plus time zones crossed to ensure your crew is compliant and happy.
  • Facilitate crew assignments for your flights based on all critical factors.
  • Stay current with your crew licenses, trainings & travel documents ensuring crew are always ready for a flight.

Cost Efficient Platform

The Flight Management Platform is a highly cost efficient solution that scales from a single user right up to a large fleet operation.

  • Straightforward pricing plans that are transparent and easy to understand.
  • Standard Enterprise package with automatic data updates (Country, DST, Airport, Provider) based on affordable monthly plans.
  • Individual Workstations from EUR 30 per month and unlimited workstations from EUR 300 per month.
  • Ability to add nine functional modules from EUR 25 per month.
  • Onsite training and support available at EUR 900 per day.

Quote Accuracy

Accurately calculate flight times and take every single detail into account for comprehensive quoting.

  • Accurately calculate flight times using the great circle calculator with historical winds on monthly basis.
  • Extensive ability to price legs based on aircraft, customer, airport, country or trip variables.
  • Keep tab on how profitable your flights by tracking revenue and costs.
  • Automatic data links to Avinode of aircraft schedules and quote requests.

Ongoing Platform Improvement

Benefit from a customer focused innovation approach and product development centred on your needs.

  • Private Flight runs a sophisticated user-centred innovation program where the platform development roadmap is informed by direct conversations with customers.
  • The goal of the program is to identify and solve opportunities to achieve internal efficiencies, improve business profitability and deliver great passenger experiences.
  • Significant customer engagement and collaboration has provided a detailed, exciting and customer validated product roadmap.
  • A core design team utilises the latest in agile innovation approaches that has a high level of customer involvement through feature prototyping and testing.
  • Key improvements will make the platform a complete end to end flight management platform from owner and charter sales through flight despatch to invoicing and management reporting.